The Essential Tools of the Modern Community Manager

The Essential Tools of the Modern Community Manager

The role of the community manager has evolved considerably over the years, from simply managing content on social networks to a crucial strategic function. Today, to excel in this field, it's essential to master a range of sophisticated tools that make it easier to manage your online presence and boost community engagement. Let's take a look at the essential tools of the modern community manager.

1. Hootsuite: Centralised control of social networks

Hootsuite remains one of the most versatile tools for planning and managing publications on social networks. Allowing you to manage multiple accounts from a single platform, Hootsuite provides centralised visibility, makes it easy to plan posts and track engagement across different platforms.

2. Buffer: Planning made easy

Buffer is an intuitive solution that simplifies the planning of publications on social media. With a user-friendly interface, it enables community managers to schedule publications across multiple channels, analyse performance and adjust their strategy accordingly.

3. Sprout Social: Advanced Analytics

Sprout Social goes beyond simple planning by offering advanced analytical tools. It can monitor performance, identify trends and generate detailed reports. Sprout Social's features help community managers adjust their strategy based on concrete data.

4. Mention: Active Listening to Social Media

For a modern community manager, it's essential to understand what's being said about their brand and industry. Mention offers an active social media monitoring solution, enabling you to track mentions of your brand in real time. This provides an opportunity to react quickly to comments, manage crises and identify emerging trends.

5. Canva: Intuitive visual creation

Canva is an essential tool for creating eye-catching visuals. Community managers can easily design attractive images to accompany their publications. With a variety of ready-to-use templates, Canva simplifies graphic creation even for those without advanced design skills.

6. Google Analytics: Measuring Web Traffic

Although widely used in online marketing, Google Analytics remains a crucial tool for community managers. It provides detailed information on web traffic, acquisition sources and user behaviour. By understanding this data, community managers can refine their strategy to maximise impact.

7. Trello: Collaborative Organisation

Project management can become complex, especially when you're juggling several campaigns and initiatives. Trello is a visual project management tool that facilitates collaboration. Community managers can organise their tasks, track progress and work effectively as a team.

8. Brand24: Competitive intelligence

Competition is fierce on social media. Brand24 offers a competitive intelligence solution by monitoring the activities of competitors on social networks. This enables community managers to keep abreast of market trends and adjust their strategy accordingly.


Today's community managers are faced with a complex and constantly changing digital landscape. The tools mentioned above are essential allies in facilitating day-to-day management, optimising performance and contributing to the growth of the online community. By mastering these tools, community managers can not only gain operational efficiency but also strengthen the strategic impact of their work in today's digital world.Bring your online presence to life with the expertise of a freelance community manager in Tunisia! Personalised strategies, dynamic engagement, and building strong communities are my speciality. Ready to propel your brand into the Tunisian digital world? Contact us now for community management that transcends expectations!

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