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En tant que community managers freelances basés en Tunisie, nous comprenons l'importance cruciale d'une présence en ligne forte. Notre équipe dédiée est prête à vous aider à établir une connexion significative avec votre audience, renforçant ainsi votre influence et impact dans le monde numérique.

We'll manage and run your social network accounts.

The community manager, often abbreviated to CM, is responsible for managing the online presence of your company or association on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. Their role is to keep your brand page up and running on a regular basis. In addition to his direct responsibilities, a freelance community manager in Tunisia, thanks to his expertise, can also play the role of mentor to your in-house community manager, whether a work-study student or a trainee. He or she will draw up valuable recommendations designed to encourage the development of your community and boost the rate of engagement.

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What you get

As an entrepreneur, the freelance community manager in Tunisia has a thorough understanding of your constraints and objectives. By being independent, the freelancer is not an employee, but rather a service provider. This distinction underlines their flexibility and commitment to the success of your projects, aligning their services with your specific needs and offering a personalised approach that adapts to the evolution of your objectives.

Our services

Gestion des media
Media management

With our personalised support, we can help you to achieve your medium- or long-term objectives by developing tailor-made communications.

Management & Promotion

With our dedicated support, managing and animating your professional Facebook and Instagram pages becomes simple and effective.

Gestion & Annimation

Take advantage of our cutting-edge expertise in designing and managing high-impact advertising campaigns on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Explore our range of community management services

Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, explore our community management services, tailored to meet your specific needs and those of your company. Hire a Freelance Community Manager in Tunisia to optimise your online presence.

Clear offers, transparent prices and simple packages.

1 Social Network

À partir de 200 HT/mois

  • 4 publications or stories per month

  • Managing a social network

  • Customised graphic design

  • Responses to comments

  • Creating a digital identity

1 Social Network

À partir de 400 HT/mois

  • 8 publications or stories each month

  • Managing a social network.

  • Customised graphic design

  • Editorial line

  • Creating a distinctive digital identity to stand out online.

  • Creation of a personalised digital strategy in line with your objectives.

2 Social Network

À partir de 800 HT/mois

  • 12 publications/month

  • Managing a social network.

  • Customised graphic design.

  • Editorial line.

  • Responses to comments.

  • Creating a community.

  • Unique digital identity.

  • Customised digital strategy.

Social media training

Would you prefer training or coaching to help you become independent in this area?

We'll guide you and your team through the intricacies of social networking, enabling you to achieve autonomy! We guide you in developing your skills and structuring your strategy.

From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, we'll even take you on TikTok! On a more serious note, we provide training on the fundamental and specific rules of social networking. On the agenda: editorial strategy, targeting, likes, awareness, acquisition, SMO, wording, analytics, statistics, business manager, growth hacking, automation, etc. Don't worry, our coaching is suitable for all levels!

À partir de 400 HT/mois


Explore the successes of some of my clients in digital communication strategy.


Get ready to propel your business into 2024 thanks to social networks. Hire a freelance community manager in Tunisia!

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